CYBERHERO LEAGUE® is a new brand of edtech games and toys designed to empower youth by giving them a way to learn about and tackle global challenges. We do this by blending physical activity, imagination, and digital gameplay so they can earn lifesaving aid for real people, animals, and the environment. In the Cyberhero League, kids learn and play together for a sustainable future. Children contribute to the needs of others through our partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Cyberhero League was formed by and for people determined to use the World Wide Web to protect and defend the Web of Life.  It all began with the recognition of a new kind of hero: the Cyberhero. 


Cyberheroes are real people who use digital technologies to help other people, animals, and the environment, especially when other people are looking the other way, or doing nothing. Their actions are considered heroic if they aim to address the Articles of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, or the Earth Charter, two documents that have a great deal of world consensus as to what constitutes noble goals that serve the betterment of all people. Cyberheroes have some of the character strengths and virtues common to heroes and some of the superpowers common to superheroes. Cyberheroes wear a “digital cape” because they use digital technologies to accomplish heroic goals.  Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and Internet connection can be a Cyberhero by using these tools to help others. 

A talented team of designers, developers, illustrators, and others brought the Cyberhero League to life. It began as a way of bringing Dr. Dana Klisanin scientific research on the Cyberhero archetype out of academic journals to kids of all ages. A psychologist and futurist, Dr. Klisanin's interest in the Cyberhero began when she was looking for research about goodness, kindness, and altruism online. For every one article she found, she found 100 times that many about hateful, cruel, selfish online behavior. Dr. Klisanin recognized that if cyberbullies and cybercriminals were online, there had to be heroes online, too. She began to investigate people who used the Internet to help other people, animals, and the environment - and named them Cyberheroes. Dr. Klisanin wants the Cyberhero League to help people become aware of the many ways we can use digital technologies to improve the world.  Cyberhero League was formed to bring the Cyberhero out of academic journals and books & into the lives of people everywhere-especially the lives of children. A committed team brought the vision of Cyberhero League to life.


The Cyberhero League has formed during a special time in the history of the world—a time when the United Nations has issued a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  People, organizations, companies, and corporations around the world are partnering to achieve these goals by the year 2030. Cyberhero League has formed partnerships with many organizations and companies that share this goal.  The SDGs are complex: in one way or another, each goal is intertwined with every other goal—they are interdependent.  Accomplishing the SDGs will require an enormous amount of collaboration. Because of that, Cyberhero League is determined to develop as many “partnerships for the goals” (Goal 17) as possible.  Members of the Cyberhero League, are also partnering for the goals. 


Cyberhero League is an educational gaming adventure that enables youth to learn about and tackle global challenges by blending physical activity, imagination, and digital gameplay. Designed to advance principles of connected learning especially in the core learning area of interest learning and the core design area of shared purpose. Participation is voluntary and individuals are united in their quest to improve conditions in the world. Gamers earn the badges of partnering nonprofit organizations (NPOs) through participatory, educational, and civic accomplishments. Our product design is based upon award-winning scientific research and introduces a new genre to gaming: Augmented Imaginary Play (AIP). AIP unites technology with physical activity, imagination, and real world impact. AIP brings high tech to old school imaginary play preserving the best aspect of both.

Cyberhero League promotes STEAM educational goals and social-emotional learning skills through through narrative-driven Missions that introduce a broad array of subject matter. The Cyberhero archetype provides young people with a counterbalance to the Cyberbully archetype, encouraging e-civility and providing them with the tools they need to navigate the Internet in a positive and healthy manner. As a voluntary learning platform, Cyberhero League breaks down one of the most overlooked barriers to participation in learning environments: mental barriers. Unfortunately, many young people do not associate school with fun. They’d rather be playing games or hanging out in online environments. Cyberhero League provides an environment where learning takes place in the pursuit of higher goals such as helping others and saving the environment. Because educational content arises organically, as Members complete Missions on behalf of nonprofit organizations, it has more meaning to the individual.


To participate, Members use our wearable device in tandem with the Cyberhero League App and our Mission Medallions. Each Adventure Mission contains six quests. To start, Players use the App to scan a game Medallion. Then, they use their imagination and physical activity to complete each quest. Completing a quest earns a digital Medallion which is stored in their Base on the App. Members can also use the App to find collectable digital and physical medallions hidden at specific locations around the world, including art and science museums, National Parks, World Heritage Sites, festivals, special events, and more.

Heroism is its own reward, but to acknowledge Members’ efforts, they earn Badges when they complete an Adventure Mission by correctly answering a Knowledge Challenge and unlocking a donation to our partnering nonprofit organizations. No matter how they play, they’ll be tackling seventeen global challenges and providing people with water, food, medicine, shelter; they'll be saving acres of rainforest, protecting endangered species, preserving World Heritage Sites, and more.


We want everyone to have the chance to be a Member of the Cyberhero League so we’ve kept the cost of our products to a minimum. In order to provide quality content while simultaneously enabling Members to help other people, animals, and the environment, from time to time, we will also offer virtual items for purchase. If your child asks to adopt a Snow Leopard, Chimpanzee, or Prairie Dog, remember that this purchase will result in a donation that will help protect these endangered species. At this time, ten percent of our profits are donated to our nonprofit partners. Our commitment to the environment is also reflected in our partnerships with socially­-responsible companies, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations.


Cyberhero League is designed to appeal to all ages, however we’re especially committed to young people. To learn more about our terms and privacy statement, please follow the link. If you’ve been looking for family­-friendly fun, we hope you’ll give us a chance to provide your children with an opportunity to turn their physical and digital activity into a meaningful experience. Cyberhero League is unique in providing a fun, educational experience that is active, imaginative, and impactful.


Cyberhero League exists because a small group of committed individuals were determined to make it a reality. The seed was planted in 2013 with a successful Indiegogo campaign. Over the years, a dedicated team of individuals contributed their time, energy, and expertise to turn the dream into a reality. We couldn’t have done it without you!

A word of advice to those working to achieve a dream: Coconut trees start to produce fruit five to six years after planting. If you have a dream, don’t give up. What you are seeking to bring into the world is every bit as valuable as a coconut. Sink your roots into the Earth and let her nourish your dreams.