The World Needs More Heroes

Cyberhero League sends kids on Hero Adventures that help them develop the mindset and attributes of  heroes  & give them the ability to use the tools of digital technology to achieve heroic accomplishments.  We've taken the United Nations up on its call to "Partner for the Goals" - the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - by forging relationships with nonprofit organizations and nongovernmental organizations working to achieve them.

By connecting kids' game activity to contributions to these organizations, kids becoming change agents & are more likely to grow up as empowered global activists and active members in these organizations.  Together we're giving kids around the world a chance to use gameplay to tackle global challenges & be real world heroes.   

CYBERHERO LEAGUE supports the Sustainable Development Goals. 

CYBERHERO LEAGUE supports the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Wireless Hero Device

"Wearing the CYBERSHIELD, means that all my physical activity turns into hero action!"

— B. Harvell, Beta Tester