CYBERHERO LEAGUE® games and toys are designed to empower kids by giving them the opportunity to learn about and achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Players hike through imaginary jungles, sail the seven seas, climb the highest mountain peaks, and explore World Heritage Sites, but when the Adventure is over, they earn lifesaving aid for real people, animals, and the environment. Cyberhero League enables kids to play together for a sustainable future. Kids contribute to the needs of partnering nonprofits by completing Quests. Cyberhero League was formed by and for people determined to use the World Wide Web to protect and defend the Web of Life.  It all began with the recognition of a new kind of hero: the Cyberhero. 


Cyberheroes are real people who use digital technologies to help other people, animals, and the environment, especially when other people are looking the other way, or doing nothing. Their actions are considered heroic if they aim to address the Articles of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights, or the Earth Charter, two documents that have a great deal of world consensus as to what constitutes noble goals that serve the betterment of all people. Cyberheroes have some of the character strengths and virtues common to heroes and some of the superpowers common to superheroes.

Cyberheroes wear a “digital cape” because they use digital technologies to accomplish heroic goals.  Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer and Internet connection can be a Cyberhero by using these tools to help others. 

Cyberhero League was formed to bring the Cyberhero out of academic journals and books & into the lives of people everywhere-especially the lives of children. 


The Cyberhero League has formed during a special time in the history of the world—a time when the United Nations has issued a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  People, organizations, companies, and corporations around the world are partnering to achieve these goals by the year 2030. Cyberhero League has formed partnerships with many organizations and companies that share this goal.  The SDGs are complex: in one way or another, each goal is intertwined with every other goal—they are interdependent.  Accomplishing the SDGs will require an enormous amount of collaboration. Because of that, Cyberhero League is determined to develop as many “partnerships for the goals” (Goal 17) as possible.  Members of the Cyberhero League, are also partnering for the goals. 


Dana Klisanin founded the Cyberhero League to introduce people of all ages to the Cyberhero archetype. A psychologist and futurist, Dr. Klisanin's interest in the Cyberhero began when she was looking for research about goodness, kindness, and altruism online. For every one article she found, she found 100 times that many about hateful, cruel, selfish online behavior. Dana recognized that if cyberbullies and cybercriminals were online, there had to be heroes online, too. She began to investigate people who used the Internet to help other people, animals, and the environment - and named them Cyberheroes. Dr. Klisanin wants the Cyberhero League to help people become aware of the many ways we can use digital technologies to improve the world.  


A dedicated team of individuals held onto the vision and brought the Cyberhero League to life,  but the early support of our Indiegogo Backers was the "wind beneath our wings".  So, thanks Indiegogo backers!