Challenge instructions



Download and print the Ryan’s Well Mission Pledge Form and ask parents, friends, and community members to pledge any amount they choose for each Medallion you earn while completing the Mission. Write their names and how much they choose to pledge on the Pledge Form and keep it in a safe place

Example: There are a total of 12 Medallions you can earn. If a person were to pledge $1 for each Medallion, and you earned all of the Medallions, you would collect $12.00 for Ryan’s Well.


Complete the Ryan’s Well Mission and earn as many medallions as you can!


When you’ve completed the Mission, print the medallions you’ve earned through the your inventory in the game. Take the Medallion sheet and the Pledge Form with you and show your family, friends, and other pledgers, what you learned and earned, and collect the money that they pledged.


Send the funds you’ve raised to Ryan’s Well. See the pledge form for more instructions and the mailing address.