Cyberhero Starter Set

Cyberhero Starter Set


CYBERHERO STARTER SET™ includes CYBERSHIELD™ wearable device and six game medallions. Sync the Bluetooth enabled hero device with the CYBERHERO LEAGUE™ App, scan a game medallion and open a story that jumpstarts play. The werable device keeps track of the journey. Half a mile of active play opens the next story lines. Completing the mission unlocks lifesaving aid for people, animals, and the environment.

Cyberhero League gives you a way to become the world’s newest hero: a Cyberhero.


CYBERSHIELD™ includes USB Charging Cradle & User Manual - iOS & Android Compatible - Rechargeable - Waterproof - LED Touch Screen - Time/Date


In the inaugural Mission, you’ll earn your Cyberpowers while learning about digital citizenship, cyber-safety, and the importance of unplugging. Completing the Mission unlocks a contribution to the Heroic Imagination Project, a nonprofit organization that takes hero training into schools around the world.

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